Project and Manufacturing Management Ltd  

The Float Glass Consortium (FGC) is a new and unique organisation dedicated to serving the flat glass manufacturing industry worldwide.

The Consortium, which was established in 2003, brings together, for the first time, a range of independent float glass industry specialists with more than 200 hundred years’ collective experience of the float glass industry worldwide.

FGC also brings together a unique combination of international companies which have global experience of planning, designing, building and operating major float glass lines.

Due to recent developments, The Float Glass Consortium(UK)Ltd can offer a genuinely independent consultation service for selecting turnkey packages for float glass operations from planning and feasibility through design to build, start up and post-production operational assistance and on-going technical support.

Achievements/Credentials- Who Are We?

The Float Glass Consortium(UK)Ltd was established as a result of direct collaboration with a number of his former colleagues, who had worked at World leading Float Glass Manufacturers and designers over the last 40 years and who, together, had created Project and Manufacturing Management Limited (PMML) as a technology consultancy aimed at supporting the float glass industry.


What’s on Offer?

If you are planning to investigate, build or up-grade a float glass manufacturing operation then The Float Glass Consortium(UK)Ltd can help and guide you from planning through inception to realisation.
    We can carry out a fully comprehensive commercial and technical feasibility study; design the complete facility; select the suppliers all equipment; build the float line and all hot and cold end requirements; provide full training and start-up support and full-service technical and commercial back-up post-commissioning.

Why the The Float Glass Consortium(UK)Ltd.?

Basic Float Glass manufacturing is now a mature technology and there are a number of organisations who can offer the basic technology and various components of a line up to and including construction through a series of sub-contract relationships.

The unique offering of the Consortium is that we are the only fully independent organisation with the depth and breadth of expertise, experience and resources who can offer a full turnkey package for high capability lines incorporating the latest technology and operating procedures drawn from the best that is available worldwide based on objective assessment and independent experience.

The Float Glass Consortium(UK)Ltd can offer a comprehensive package that is not currently available.


* Consultation and vendor selection for complete and partial float
lines with capability of the highest quality and operational performance at relatively low capital cost

* Mini Float lines for special glass production (PDP, LCD, special tints)

* Energy saving melting using proven oxy fuel technology

* General Float Glass Consultancy

* Rebuild and New Build Project Management and Consultancy

* Manufacturing Improvements

* Yield and Quality Improvements

* Draw rate improvements

* Planned maintenance procedures

* Manufacturing procedures

* Melting, forming, annealing and cutting training

* Engineering training

* General project management

* Furnace construction consultancy and supervision

* Bath construction consultancy and supervision

* Warm-up supervision

* Start-up supervision

* Furnace, bath, lehr and cold-end commissioning

* Glassmaking equipment design and build


Consortium Members

Senior Associates

David Hilton 35 years with a world leading float glass manufacturer

  • Chairman and Managing Director
    • Held many senior positions world wide up to vice-president level
    • Specialist Fields
      • All aspects of Float Manufacturing design, engineering, commissioning and operation from raw materials to despatch


Alan Fell 35 years with a world leading float glass manufacturer

       Director of Engineering

    • Responsible for the planning., coordination and control of major projects both in the UK and overseas
    • Specialist Fields
      • All aspects of Float Manufacturing design, engineering, construction and commissioning from raw materials to despatch


David Woodward 36 years with a world leading float glass manufacturer

         Commercial and Marketing Director

o       An International Commercial Manager with 36 years experience in sales and marketing worldwide. A career which has included extensive international business activity and negotiation; expatriate postings in Hong Kong and Brussels. Directly involved in, and responsible for several major business systems innovations, including SAP and Customer Relationship Management (CRM).


Ron Bainbridge 42 years with a world leading float glass manufacturer

  • Furnace Designer
    • Responsible for furnace design consultancy
    • Ron spent all his long career in design of all types of furnaces, Starting as a draughtsman reaching Senior Furnace Design Engineer.


Jeffrey Holland 35 years with a world leading float glass manufacturer

  • Director for the Americas
    • Positions included Plant Manager a facility with two float glass manufacturing lines and an automotive glass fabrication plant. The plant manufactured 100% automotive greens and dark grey glass

o       Specialist Fields

      • Batch, Furnace, Float Bath and Lehr design, and operation


Gerry Miller 33 years with a world leading float glass manufacturer

        Senior Associate specialising in melting operations and problems. Specialist in Rolled and Wired Glass

o       In addition to several years as a plant manager, spent a number of years in the melting operations of fibre glass manufacture as well as CTV production prior to specialising in float glass melting and production.



Bernard Heaton 30 years with a world leading float glass manufacturer

  • Senior Associate specialising in cutting, snapping and cold end operations
    • Spent many years in the use and development of cold end equipment and provided technical support for world wide float plants




George Dunn 32 years with a world leading float glass manufacturer

        Senior Associate specialising in Hot End instrumentation and control systems

o       Experienced in designing instrumentation and control systems

Travelled on worldwide projects as on-site project engineer


David William Hilton

Managing Director PMM Ltd (operates The Float Glass Consortium)

Chairman and Technical Director China Float Consultancy and Engineering Ltd.


Masters Degree in Business Administration awarded with distinction

UK Chartered Engineer, Fellow of the Institution of Electrical Engineers

PREVIOUS EMPLOYMENT 35 years with Pilkington

January 1999 to November 2002

Vice President Float Manufacturing – Pilkington North America

Responsible for all Pilkington NA Float Glass operations in North America.

Achieved a 25% reduction in manufacturing cost ($50 million annual cost reduction)Improved manufacturing efficiency by 20%.

Rebuilt 4 float lines to world best practice.

April 1996 to December 1998

Head of UK Float Manufacturing – Pilkington Europe

Head of the Pilkington Flagship Float Operations

Achieved a 20% reduction in manufacturing costs (£15 million annual cost reduction)

Improved manufacturing efficiency by 15%.

Responsible for the Pilkington Group Building Services Department for world wide building of new float lines, repairs, rebuilds for the Pilington Group, Licensees and others.

April 1993 to March 1996

Float Production Director, Pilkington Sandoglass Poland

Pilkington Sandoglass was a £100M joint venture with the Polish Government. An existing glass factory was modernised, old sheet glass production ceased, and a new 175,000 tonne per annum float line constructed.

The Polish Float Line is the best performing Float Line in the Pilkington Group.

April 1989 to March 1993

General Manager - Pilkington Glass Technologies Ltd., St. Helens

As general manager I was responsible for a new, purpose built production facility with a cold top electric melter feeding a small float line. I was responsible for developing the business in four main product areas, selling specialised glasses into high technology electronics applications, general purpose ultra thin float glass, solar and radiation control glass and selling process and product development time and expertise to the Pilkington group and other glass or electronics companies.

October 1987 to April 1989

Pilkington Glass Employee Communications Manager

January 1980 to October 1987

Chief Electrical Engineer - Greengate Float Production Facility, St. Helens

September 1976 to December 1979

Works Electrical and Control Engineer - Pilkington South Africa

January 1975 to September 1976

Project Engineer - Pilkington Sweden –new float line

September 1973 to January 1975

Design Engineer - Pilkington Group Engineering, St. Helens

January 1970 to August 1973

Instrument Engineer - Pilkington Cowley Hill Works, St. Helens

Section Leader of a maintenance team in a large glass factory.

July 1969 to January 1970

Quality Engineer - Pilkington Ravenhead Works, St. Helens

April 1968 to July 1969

Instrument Artificer - Pilkington Cowley Hill Works, St. Helens

  David Hilton

 Major capital investment, new build and rebuild control

 Customer project control, design specifications, compliance and control
 Operating philosophy, set up, best practice implementation, recruitment and training
 Design and implementation of yield and quality improvement projects
 Plant commissioning, start-up and support
 Maintenance routines and inspections
 Labour organisation, shift system analysis, supply of temporary labour
 Manufacturing cost analysis, cost reduction opportunities and action plans.

Alan Fell

Project and Manufacturing Management Limited

Director of Engineering PMM Ltd (operates The Float Glass Consortium)

Associate Director China Float Consultancy and Engineering Ltd.


HNC Mechanical Engineering.

Chartered Engineer C.Eng. MIMech E

PREVIOUS EMPLOYMENT 35 years with Pilkington

1992 – 1999 Senior Project Manager

Pilkington Central Engineering, Hall Lane, Lathom, Lancashire

Responsible for the planning., coordination and control of major projects for Pilkington, both in the UK and overseas.

The scope of the work for project management commenced with the initial feasibility study for the plant, through to commissioning and production and included: specification, design, procurement, installation, and financial control of the project. 

The values and areas of responsibility of the projects undertaken have varied widely dependent upon the relationship with the client, scope of the contract, country of operation, and age of the plant. However, typically, in present day values, a major project would be in the region of £80 million, and an upgrade and repair, approx. £20 million.

The recent projects include:-

SYP1 Float Line Repair, Shanghai, Start up May 1999

X3 Float Line Reconstruction, - Mexico City, Start up April 1997

LQ1 Float Line Construction, - Lirquen, Chile, Start up July 1996

SYP2 Float Line Construction, -Shanghai, Start up November 1995

SP3 Repair Springs, S.A., Start up August 1995

RP2 Float Line Repair St Helens, Start up February1995

DA2 Float Line Upgrade Dandenong, Aus., Start up October 1993

UK5 Float Line Repair St.Helens, Start up June 1993

UK6 Float line Commissioning St. Helens, 

1980- 1992 Senior Project Engineer 

As Senior Project Engineer the majority of the assignments were as Project Manager/Site Manager on numerous projects throughout the world including:-

1990 - 1991 Construction of VF2 float line - Monterey, Mexico.

1989 - 1990 Construction of RP2 plant - St.Helens

1987 - 1988 Construction of S1 float plant, Sidney, Australia

1985 - 1986 Construction of L1 float plant, Lahti, Finland

1983 - 1984 Repair to DA2 float plant - Dandenong, Australia

1980 – 1982 Construction of VF1 Furnace in – Monterey, Mexico.

1976 – 1979 Works Mechanical Engineer Pilkington South Africa

Responsible for the commissioning, training and maintenance of the SP3 float line, which commenced production in April 1977.

1974 – 1976 Project Engineer Pilkington Central Engineering.

Responsible for the co-ordination of design, procurement and, installation and commissioning of the” Hot End” of the SK1 Float line in Halmstad, Sweden.

1969 –1974 Area Design Engineer Pilkington Cowley Hill Works

Responsible for design of the “Hot End” of furnaces, baths, lehrs and batch plant within Cowley Hill Works, which at that time had 3 Float Lines. The work included for preparations for both Hot and Cold repairs. 

1967 – 1969 Area Mechanical Engineer Pilkington Cowley Hill Works

Responsible for the Mechanical Engineering installation, warm up and commissioning of the Furnace Bath and Lehr during the Repairs and reconstructions of CH1, CH3, and CH4 plants.


  Alan Fell

  Float Engineering Design and Project Specialist
  Planning, co-ordination and control of new float and rebuild projects
  Design, construction and commissioning of new floats and rebuilds
  Float line engineering and maintenance
  Has design, construction, commissioning and overall project control experience of over 20
  new floats and major rebuilds.

David Woodward

An International Commercial Manager with 36 years experience in sales and marketing worldwide. A career which has included extensive international business activity and negotiation; expatriate postings in Hong Kong and Brussels; directorships of several Pilkington Group companies. Directly involved in, and responsible for several major business systems innovations, including SAP and Customer Relationship Management (CRM). A graduate in business studies with fair business fluency in French and German, basic Russian.

Key Achievements and Experience

· Established, managed and right-sized, as appropriate, sales teams and networks of agents and distributors worldwide. · Formally established and managed Pilkington's first commercial organisation in Hong Kong.

· Responsible for creation and implementation of Pilkington's European Building Products e-business capability.

· Responsible for setting up Pilkington's first commercial operating company in Russia.

· Established first Group forum for global marketing co-ordination.

· Instrumental in creation of first pan-European business structure.

· Successful implementation of European business-wide ERP (SAP) and CRM systems.


1964-1968 Liverpool Institute High School for Boys

(8 GCE "O" Levels and 3 "A" Levels)

1969-1972 Liverpool Polytechnic (Now John Moores University)

HND (Distinction), Business Studies

Career Summary

1968 to date Pilkington plc

1968 - 1969 Clerk, UK Marketing Department, Pilkington Brothers Limited

1969 - 1972 Sponsored Student - Liverpool Polytechnic

1972 - 1976 Sales Representative, UK, Pilkington

1976 - 1978 Press Officer, Public Relations: Responsible for corporate and media relations for different divisions of Pilkington Group

1978 - 1982 Sales Director, Andrewartha Limited: A Pilkington subsidiary operating in South West England

1982 - 1988 Regional Export Sales Manager, Flat Glass Division: Responsible for Africa, Middle East, Asia and Europe

1988 - 1991 MD Pilkington Asia Limited: Commercial/Sales activities for Asia, from Korea to Sri Lanka, including PRC

1991 Business Advisor, Overseas (Flat and Safety Business Support Group): Advised on commercial issues worldwide outside Europe

1991 - 1993 Marketing Co-ordinator, Rest of the World

1993 - 1997 Marketing Director, Building Products, Flat & Safety Glass Europe, Brussels

1997 - 1998 General Manager, Commercial Operations, PEACE Zone - East and Central Europe

1998 - 2002 Sales Director, Primary Products Division, Building Products Europe: Responsible for sales and marketing communications across Europe

2002 - 2004 Commercial Director, Primary Products Europe: Increased responsibility for sales, marketing and product management.

Personal Details

Date of Birth: 29th May 1951. Marital Status: Married with 2 sons aged 26 and 24.

Interests include: Golf, sailing, tennis, jogging, food and wine

I retired from Pilkington in April 2004 and set up a business consultancy specialising in the flat glass and construction sectors. Since Global Glass Consult was established I have worked for a number of international clients on projects in Europe and the Middle East



Gordon Cochrane

Melting Specialist PMM Ltd (operates The Float Glass Consortium)

Batchelor of Science with Honours (2nd Class) in Chemistry
PREVIOUS EMPLOYMENT 30 years with Pilkington

1998 – 2000 Melting Technology Manager and Deputy Team Leader, Manufacturing Improvements Team, Pilkington plc, St. Helens, England

A re-organisation of Pilkington R&D in 1998 led to the formation of a Manufacturing Improvements Team, and I was appointed its deputy manager, largely in addition to my responsibilities as Melting Services Manager below. This team of around 40 people provided operational support to melting, forming, annealing, warehousing, distribution, production planning, and control systems to the Pilkington Group and its Licensees.

1991 – 1998 Manager, Melting Services Department, Pilkington Development, Pilkington Technical Centre, Lathom, Lancs., England

Glass melting was a £300 million (US$500 M) per year operation in Pilkington, about 10% of Group turnover, the single biggest sector of expenditure, and of course a part of the process with the most serious consequences should any problems occur. Melting Support was re-organised in 1991, and I was appointed manager of a combined Melting Services (operations support) and Electroheat Department. I was responsible for a department of up to 12 senior staff and managers, with a budget of over £2 million, including plant trials. The work area now covered approaching 30 float furnaces, including a cold top electric unit, and other sheet, rolled and fibreglass operations.

1986 – 1990 Overseas Support Manager, Melting Services Department, Pilkington Development, Pilkington Technical Centre, Lathom, Lancs., England

My major responsibility was to provide support to Pilkington overseas and Licensee glass melting operations, either personally, or by delegation to a colleague. The work area covered some 20+ overseas float lines, and around 15 sheet, rolled and fibreglass units. Up to 3 months per year could be spent outside the UK. This could be e.g. a glass quality problem, tint manufacture, high load, electric boosting, input into furnace design discussions, start up from new or after a cold repair etc.

1984 – 1985 Manager, Energy Survey Team, Pilkington Development, Pilkington Technical Centre, Lathom, Lancs., England

I was responsible for leading a small team of 2 to 4 technologists who, over a 3 week period, carried out very thorough measurements of fuel, combustion air, temperatures, pressures, and structural heat losses. From these, thermal balances were constructed, and compared with best practice. The melting operation was also assessed, and benchmarked against best operational parameters.

1981 – 1983 Senior Melting Technologist, Cowley Hill Float Glass Works, St. Helens, England

In early 1982, I was appointed senior melting technologist at Cowley Hill, the “home of float”, with two large float furnaces, CH3 – 450 t/d of clear and tint, and CH2 – 720 t/d, clear glass.

1979 – 1981 Senior Melting Technologist, Pilkington South Africa

Seconded to Pilkington South Africa, as melting technologist in their plant near Johannesburg. A new 350 t/d float line had been built 2 years previously, and an existing 2 machine PPG sheet furnace was also operating, with a hand gathering operation making high voltage insulators from a small forehearth.

1975 – 1979 Technical Manager, Chance Bros. Glass Works, Smethwick, Birmingham, England

Seconded to Chance Bros., initially as melting technologist. Responsible for all technical aspects of melting on two throated tubing furnaces (one cross fired soda lime furnace, one horseshoe / “U” flame lead glass furnace), two throated “Pisa” rolled plate (patterned glass) furnaces, and one tiny furnace making microscope cover slips.

1974 – 1975 Technologist, Melting Services Department, Pilkington R&D, Pilkington Technical Centre, Lathom, Lancs., England

Part of support team (sometimes on shift) to all aspects of glass melting and melting developments, including conversion of float furnaces to gas firing, batch filling developments, and novel batching systems, including preheated batch.

1970 – 1973 Technologist, Glass Compositions Department, Pilkington R&D, Pilkington Technical Centre, Lathom, Lancs., England

Responsible for developing glass compositions in various fields, including colour tv faceplates, and high temperature glass ceramics. Principal compositions technologist on photochromic spectacle lens project, leading to a novel fast reacting composition (commercially marketed as “Reactolite”). Followed this out to production trials at Chance Pilkington Optical Works, St. Asaph, North Wales, and found that glass production was of more interest to me than laboratory work.

  Gordon Cochrane

 Glass melting operations

 Raw materials and batching
 Batch and melting operating philosophies
 Combustion, fuels and firing; energy conservation
 Electric melting operational aspects
 Homogenisation (stirring)
 Tint compositions and transitions; optical monitoring
 Furnace design and structures
 Furnace warm up and start up operational aspects
 Water cooled equipment design and testing principles
 Melting and refining problem solving and troubleshooting.
 Training in all aspect of melting operations, best practice melting, refining, homogenisation, conditioning,  glass flows, striagram interpretation, tint manufacture, glass quality faults etc..

Jeffrey Michael Holland

Director of Float Technology (based in USA) PMM Ltd (operates The Float Glass Consortium)

Associate Director China Float Consultancy and Engineering Ltd.


Higher National Diploma in Applied Chemistry

PREVIOUS EMPLOYMENT 30 years with Pilkington, 5 with Guardian Industries


Senior Float Glassmaking consultant with Worldwide responsibilities for Guardian Industries Inc.

1990 - 1999

Plant Manager at the Rossford facility. Rossford had two float glass manufacturing lines and an automotive glass fabrication plant. The plant manufactured 100% automotive greens and dark grey privacy glass.

These products where developed on this facility for the Pilkington group

1984 - 1989

Assistant Plant Manager at the Laurinburg facility. Responsible for all manufacturing, engineering and maintenance activities. Project leader on 25mm manufacturing program.

This facility has two 850 TPD float units and produces clear, tinits low-e and reflective tinted products

1980 - 1986

Greengate Works - St. Helens

Assistant Glassmaking Manager at Greengate St. Helens UK. 

Also responsible for Pilkington Group technical support for float line operations in :

PFAB Sweden

SIV Italy

Flachglas W. Germany


1976 - 1980

Cowley Hill Works

Assistant Tank Manager at Cowley Hill Works. Extensively involved in licensing work over the next four years at the following companies and locations:

SIV San Salvo Italy

BSN Boussois France

PPG Crystal City USA

Flachglas Weirhammer W. Germany

PFAB Hamlstad Sweden

Pilkington S.A. Springs South Africa

C. E. Glass Ltd. Cinnaminson, NJ USA

Guardian Glass Kingsburg, California USA

1973 - 1976

Pilkington ACI Dandenong Victoria Australia

Deputy Tanks Manager at the Pilkington ACI Dandenong Plant in March 1973. The job involved coordinating the changeover from Flat Drawn production (PPG process) to Float Production including the commissioning of all glassmaking systems and the re-training of the glassmakers.

1967 - 1973

Cowley Hill Works - U.K., St. Helens

Technical assistant to Glassmaking Line Managers on CH1, CH2, CH3 and CH4 lines in St Helens UK. Was also extensively involved in technical assistance to licensees, not only with the float bath operation, but with the development and implementation of the homogenizing agreement e.g.: 

Vidreo Plant Mexico City

Ford Dearborn Detroit

Ford Nashville Tennessee

Central Glass Matsuzaka Japan

Sklo Union Teplice Czechoslovakia

Pilkington (Canada) Scarborough Ontario


  Jeff Holland

 Extensive experience on all aspects of Float Glass Manufacturing.
 Batch and Melting, Forming and Annealing specialist.
 Has manufactured float glass from 1mm to 25mm thicknesses
 Many years experience in developing and manufacturing automotive clear and tints.
 Pioneered several leading edge automotive and special glass products from conception to manufacture.
 Jeff is the senior associate responsible for PMM operations in North, Central and South America.
 Based in the USA

Gerry Miller

Melting Specialist Rolled and Wired Specialist PMM Ltd (operates The Float Glass Consortium)


B.Sc. Hons. Ceramics

PREVIOUS EMPLOYMENT 33 years with Pilkington

1997 – 2002 Factory Manager for Rolled and Wired Glass Operations Pilkington plc, St. Helens, England

1992 – 97 Rolled and Wired Glass Production Manager

1987 – 92 Rolled Glass manufacturing operations/ figured and wire glass (twin pass)

1981 – 87 Float Glass Production Line Manager

1978 – 81 Plant Glass technologist “E” glass continuous filament manufacture

1975 – 78 Plant Glass Technologist – float glass manufacture

1973 – 75 Plant Glass Technologist – fibreglass wool insulation manufacture

1971 – 73 Plant Glass Technologist in CTV manufacture

1969 – Joined Pilkington as a refractories technologist and glass fault analysis specialist

I am fundamentally a technically based individual with a lot of hands on experience in a number of glass processes as listed above and others not mentioned.

My earlier years were chiefly spent looking at complex glass quality problems to find the causes and cures. The solutions to these problems enable the processes to enhance their yield and performance.

I have gained invaluable knowledge and experience in solving difficult long term glass quality issues for which there are no known solutions.

I am particularly proficient with optical microscopy to identify and understand the causes of inclusions in glass.

I have spent a number of years in the melting operations of fibre glass manufacture as well as CTV production prior to specialising in float glass melting and production. My chief responsibilities in these years were to improve the melting efficiency of these processes and the overall yield. After moving from a technical operating base, I joined the float glass production team in 1981. This was the beginning of my production career.

In the float glass manufacture I spent many years working in the melting and forming areas. I have operated both in the UK and overseas in the commissioning, operating and trouble shooting on these plants.

In 1987 I moved into figured glass and wired glass production. The range of products varied from 2mm to 10mm for the patterned range. Wired glass was made by the twin pass process, one of only 3 plants in the world. The development of new products and the upgrading of the manufacturing process to achieve this aim were fundamental to the success of the plant operations.

The manufacture of low iron glass has become a major focus of most rolled glass operations, I have experience of this product and the requirements it makes on the process demands on a number of plants.

  Gerry Miller

 Specialist in Batch and Melting
 Extensive experience in Float and Patterned glass manufacture
 Acknowledged expert in batch, contamination and refractory generated fault identification and rectification.
 Implementation of best practice melting and refining operation.

Francis Bernard Heaton

Cold End Specialist PMM Ltd (operates The Float Glass Consortium)


H.N.C. Mechanical Engineering

PREVIOUS EMPLOYMENT 30 years with Pilkington

1998 – 2000

Warehousing and Distribution Manager, Manufacturing Improvements Team, Pilkington plc, St Helens, England

A team of around 40 people provided operational support to melting, forming, annealing, warehousing, distribution, production planning and control systems to the Pilkington Group and its licensees

During this period I was also a team member for the start up of the new Pilkington float glass plants in:-

Sagunto, Spain.

Cairo, Egypt


Senior Warehousing Technologist, R&D Department, Cowley Hill Works, St. Helens, England.

Worldwide Group responsibility for new technology and technical support. Developed systems for ultra thin glass cutting and for 15 to 25 mm edge removal

Gave technical support to Pilkington plants in

South Africa





Warehousing Technologist, R&D Department, Cowley Hill Works, St. Helens, England.

On-line technical support to the cold end of the float glass manufacturing operation at both the Cowley Hill and the Greengate sites.

Crried out special projects in

Shanghai Yaohua Pilkington Glass Co. Ltd. in Shanghai, China as technical Manager

Pilkington Special glass on cutting of 0.5mm to 1.1 mm glass


Mechanical Engineering Designer, Pilkington R&D, Pilkington Technical Centre, Lathom, Lancs., England.

Working as a designer working on the design of special purpose equipment required mainly in the R & D laboratory environment.

  Bernard Heaton

 Calibration of Cutting Equipment

 Cutting equipment best practice in thicknesses from 1 mm to 25 mm
 Routines, testing, and maintenance of cutting equipment
 Glass snapping
 Edge stress modification
 Edge removal
 Cutting yield improvement programmes
 Managers, Supervisors and Operator training programmes.

George Dunn

Instrumentation and Control Specialist PMM Ltd (operates The Float Glass Consortium)


H. N. C. Electrical (Electronics) Engineering

PREVIOUS EMPLOYMENT 32 years with Pilkington

1977 – 1998 Senior Design Engineer Pilkinton group Engineering 

Activities associated with Instrumentation and Control e.g.:

· Estimating

· Specifying

· Designing

· Procuring

· Installation Specification

· Worldwide Site Installation

· Worldwide Site Commissioning 

Much of the time I have been involved in overseas work having spent two periods in

excess of 12 months in Sweden and Brazil.

1973 – 1977 Design Engineer 

Design of Float Line Instrumentation and Control Systems

1966 – 1973 Drawing Office Section Leader 

Controlling the work for up to 15 staff and contract draughtsmen on Float Line design. 

1965 – 1966 Imperial Chemical industries

Instrumentation Engineering Officer 


The 4 main consortium members have 130+ years of Float Glass making experience between them.

They have overlapping skills but their main areas of expertise are listed below.


The Consortium has access to a wide range of experts who can be made available for specific areas of expertise

        Glass structural services

Experienced refractory masons and supervisors for overseeing furnace and bath construction, warm up and start up.
Surveys of furnace and bath structural conditions. Operational and emergency repairs.
Development of furnace and bath maintenance programmes.


           Operational Services

Supply of experienced float glass supervisors and operators for start-up, operation, operational improvement programmes, best practice implementation and training.